With a little help from my ‘fans’!!

Been at this new venture now, coming on 8 years. Things are slowly on the upturn as far as sales, productivity and interaction. So, I wanted to spend a moment saying a big thank you to the people who make this whole thing work; the fans. Without you I guess I would simply be out of business, so just wanted to take some time to say thanks to the many fans that have bought my work over the years, and those who have supported me in other ways.

Will spend a little time to review some of the selected highlights from my fans wall. Like the image above, that was posted via iCanvas, on their Instagram account. Young lady who is enjoying three of my caricatures bought via their store and showing them proudly off to the world.

One of things I find nice is when the fans actually have a collection of my work, like this example of water-based animals in Germany, from my Juniqe collection, which features my “A Breath of Fresh Air“, “Fly in My Soup” and “Take it Outside” prints. It kind of gives and insight into peoples tastes, but also reassures you that the audience (fans) does see the connections I make in the artworks.

One thing that fans purchases do as well is it enforces the connections in the fact that many of these fans actually find you and follow you on Social Media. This example from Germany again, shows a fans purchase from my Society6 store and the fact that he actually followed me and discovered me via my Instagram account.

Also, some of the interactions become fun and entertaining, which is another good reason to be involved in creating and maintaining a relationship with your fans. The image above was discovered via the iCanvas Instagram account again, when two very excited ladies actually created an animated gif of the moment they received one of my canvases of Bette Davis. It kinda shows how much they enjoy the art and teh fact that it can be well received much of the time.

I will end on a favourite of mine, as I did a caricature commission for a well-known animal photographer friend of mine; Elke Vogelsang. Little did I know at the time that she was actually a fan of my artwork anyway, and that she had made a purchase of one of my Animal Behaviour images on some apparel. What made this story extra special is the fact that she also sent me an image of one of here beautiful dogs; Scout, wearing the tee shirt in question. Which by the way came from my RedBubble account. You can see the image below, if you’d like to see the caricature I did for her, it is here!

I wish I had time to go through all the images and share some of the stories and encounters with the fans, but I can’t unfortunately. I would just like to add a final big Thank You to anyone and all who has purchased my work, it really means a lot. Also, if you are reading this and have purchased a piece of my work and can send a photo, then contact me via my Contact Form and we can discuss sharing the image.

If you would like to see all the fan images so far, you can see here! If you would like to find me on my social media sites then I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, as well as Behance, Dribbble, Talenthouse and LinkedIn. Finally if you have interest in buying a piece of my work, you can find a list of places here!