Top Selling Art for December

Top Selling Art for December from the online stores I trade with was a surprise.

The Boxer

Every month I get a monthly sales report from a lot of the sites I try and sell my art on, or there is an online version that can be scanned. Some time back I did an image called “The Boxer“, which you can see here! It was a quick attempt at an idea that popped into my head. Whilst doing my Animal Behaviour series I have had that image stuck in my mind. Mainly as one friend was convinced the glove was not positioned correctly.

Anyway, just before Christmas 2016 I released the (above) image again, after re-rendering the basic concept, but doing in a more realistic way. The reports for December  from the big selling sights are basically hidden until I receive them. And the end of January has seen these reports come in now. I was shocked to find that this print has actually sold over 60 times in print form!

It was a plan to do more dogs in the series as they seem popular, but this has inspired me to add several breeds to the list. At present I have “The Boxer“, dachshund, pug and  bulldog. The near future will see chihuahua and Great Dane hit the list, but many more will be coming in the coming year. If you have a suggestion for a breed then use the contact form and send it in. If you have any of these breeds and fancy a gift for them, then you can find them in the store. I also have a commission form you can use to request a personal portrait of your favoured companion animal.

Looking forward for some more sales in this area and many more in others. Hope you enjoy the image as much as I really enjoyed doing it.

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