Tee Shirt Review

So, in an attempt to help customers understand the products we offer in our store we did a test purchase to see the quality and efficiency of the collaboration with our fulfilment centre; Printful.

We decided some months back to ease our own efforts in printing the art prints via a local company, to avoid the time consumption involved in delivery and posting of the items. We chose a well-known and high recommended fulfilment centre called Printful, to do this work for us. This meant two things; first the production and sending of items could be taken out of our hands and in the hands of qualified professionals, and second we could provide cheap products and a larger range as well. So to test this I created a custom order and bought it like a customer would, to monitor their service.

The image above represents the mockup of the design we submitted to the fulfilment centre to be manufactured and delivered. We chose the same product as that which we provide in the store, which is: Bella + Canvas 3001 Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt with Tear Away Label (White / 2XL). The artwork selected was a test piece of a caricature created of Rob Snow, as a mantle piece for his work and profiling. It has been achieved at the same quality and resolution as all the other images prepared in the store. The order was placed Mar 10, Sunday 9:58am.

Depending on your location, the postal service delivers a recorded package in good time. One customer in London received an art print in just 3 days. We are aware that the Greek postal system is a little slower, from our interactions with Amazon and RedBubble, so we were expecting a two week delivery window. To our surprise it was delivered in 6 days; Left Mar 13th arrived Mar 19th (although postal receipt was achieved Mar 17th). This is an excellent delivery standard that beats the three week wait we tend to endure with Amazon and RedBubble.

The package turned up in a postal bag, sealed and labelled with the clear and precise information given, on a personalised label that included the motif for RobArt. It should also be pointed out that the shipping cost was very low, at $3.81 (€3,34). With a typical RedBubble delivery charge of around $6 on a similar item.

Inside the postal bag, was another clear plastic bag to protect the garment, which was sealed, and receipt of purchase, that included some personalisation from RobArt, thanking the customer for purchasing the item. The garment was neatly folded and the main decal visible through the plastic bag. Once opened, the fresh smell of new printed cloth could be smelt.

As stated previously, we have ordered dye printed garments before, via RedBubble and Society6, so we are basing this evaluation on these products. The tee shirt quality was very nice. It has that soft semi-brushed cotton feel, which was unlike the previous tee shirts, that seemed to be rougher to the touch. This was a surprise  as this order is the standard tee shirt module and not the more expensive upgraded versions. The actual construction of the garment looks well prepared as well; No hanging threads, or bad construction, with a very small unnoticeable tag in the near of the neck area.

Now, the print quality. First of all, the image is as sharp as one could expect from dye printed output. My design has sharp edges, and the image on the tee retains those sharp edges. We could not find any blurring on the image at all. The image has some fine elements included inside the details, like brush hairs, whiskers, etc, and all these are visible in the print. There is not colour dilution and blurring of any of the detailed sections. The colours, as we are aware will not be ‘exactly’ as the digital image, mainly due to monitor calibration, colour mode and transfer techniques, but that said, the colour is very nice and rich. It is the closest I have seen a tee print to the original. With the RedBubble one actually having a slight whitening cast over the print on a white tee. The contrast between light and dark was great as well, with whites being lost against the white tee shirt and blacks standing out with high contrast. Overall we were surprisingly happy with the result.

In addition to the standard product we offer, we asked to have a custom element done, which was the company logo placed on the back. This was at a smaller extra charge, but was achieved with the same quality as the front element, and the placement was exact to the place we requested.


Final evaluation

The image shows a 2XL tee shirt, which Rob prefers, even though he could have a XL and it would be OK. So, that said, the length is still good, and the overall fit and feel is very comfortable. So, the conclusion is that the print looks great and the actual garment feels good and looks great, with the correct amount of length in the look.

You can be rest-assured that any of the garments and prints will be dealt with and dispatched with the same care and quality. Happy shopping!