And it all started with this weird idea!

Weird ideas

So, Celebrity Sunday has been going for nearly three years now, nothing weird about that. More often than not, on a Sunday I would sit at my trusted iMac and render out a famous face as a caricature.
The whole project started as a test to see if I could get an image completed in one day. As it was my first attempt, some 3 years ago, I was pretty raw and rough at the process, but the first image I did; Will Smith, came in at under 5 hours. At that time it wasn’t evident of my intents to continue a) doing caricatures or b) doing them in the style that I had done the first.
Most caricaturists take a known image of their subject and simply distort it to make their art. Others redraw from their imagination, a pose that defines the celebrity being done. What I wanted was something different. The main reason was clear, a) it would become characteristic of my style, and b) it would be a viable selling proposition.

Nick Cave on an All Over Tee Shirt at Curioos


A lot of my art gets sold and is popular on fashion items such as tees and all over tees, like Nick Cave above, again not weird. So thinking about this and the aspect ratio that made the art more viable win this format, it became clear that the best way to have the celebrities would be to have them facing forward. Continuing to think, I thought that to speed up the process and to simplify the rendering, and basic background should be employed. This is when the thought of a grey panel came into affect. It was neutral and also had a good motive to serve as a series.

Born was the idea of making the whole series look like they had come and sat in one of those old photo booths. You know the ones. We have all sat in one. There is an example at the top. It would make it so that the stars would all have the same background, all looking forward and all seem to be part of the same series. The hard part is capturing the celebrities in this pose. Not all celebrities have a straight on portrait for reference, and also, some of the lighting doesn’t work well against the grey. So, far, so good, and after the three years I have over 100+ caricatures in my stable now. And more to come!