Sneak Peak

I have been fortunate that over the past three years I have been asked by British Science Magazine: New Scientist, to illustrate a couple of Christmas cover and an article on bee behaviour. Recently they contacted me again for a new commission that will involve a soldier ant. Was excited about this, as it will also allow me to practice and test my shiny metal approach to the artwork. Featured here is the test pose for the head of the ant, that has been based on several images found on the internet. The plate armour again was a stylised version of several suits I found in reference source.

The article will be released in early December 2013, so watch out for further updates and a possible hat trick with a third Christmas cover, in a row. If you can’t wait to see this work, then look at the past images done for New Scientist, here:

Christmas Cover 2011
Intelligent Bees 2012
Christmas Cover 2012