As a natural development process, I always spend some time sketching out ideas. Recently I was given a positive remark about the political images I had done for fun, and put up on Facebook, about the political/financial crisis here. Here is one example, here!
One of the activities I do is post art on sales sights like Society6. As I have noticed a trend to collage work, and inspired by the positive comments about other art, I decided to make an attempt at my first collage piece.
Starting with an inspired sketch (above) I started to collect and search for the necessary pieces needed.
What I discovered about collage art, is that it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct resources.
Eventually I found the path, and the work was completed today. Here is the final piece, which is a homage to Gil Scott-Heron’s song “The Revolution will not be televised”.
You can also buy the print here!!