Revised Thinking

This will be a general discussion, but related to a recent client. That said, most of these issues do apply to many of the comments said and requested by many other clients. As you may be aware, I do some commissions on Fiverr Pro. One of the options you can provide is ‘revisions‘. Now, instantly, this is where the bone of contention comes into play.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, what I do understand from the term ‘revision‘, is any modifications or changes to the presented piece. Now, the recent point in question, as with many of my clients, is I share ‘end-of-day’ progress with them. This is to hopefully speed up the progress, by not having major changes at the end.

However, that said, I assume that clients understand that revisions refer to any request to change something during the ‘start‘ and the ‘end‘ of the project. My recently client even went as far as annotating several of the daily updates with pinned comments for changes. One including nine change requests. So, I stated that any further revisions would be assumed to be extra work, as they had passed the two included revision sessions.

Their reply was that they assumed that the back-and-forth communication was simple chatter, and that revisions were to be completed at the end. I was shocked and taken aback, as they were being pretty insistent. The simple fact was, even if I remove the two annotated images of 15 total changes, they, over the course of the work, requested several minor and major changes. So, assumed they understood this. But to assume minor changes were acceptable when asked during the work, seemed absurd, as they could continue writing messages asking for these changes, then at the end, ask for major changes as revisions.

Maybe it’s my fault to show daily progress points? Anyway, it does get frustrating when you try to smooth the creative process to then have bumps caused by assumptions of what is classed as a ‘change’.

Exhibit One:

After spending 3 days drawing, OK’ing and rendering the image on the left; a caricature version of the lady in question, and before completion, the client asked to re-render the art as a portrait version and not a caricature. Not assumed to be a major revision!


After sending the image on the left again, the client stated he wanted the bangle reducing and changing colour, the shoes to be the colour they are now, the bowl to be darker (which changed back again at the end), and the cheek bones on the right to be diminished. None of which would be constituted as a revision, as it was in a email dialogue and not at the end.

Almost every client, even if I define the scope of what the commission will entail, tries to weave changes into the progress, as ‘favours’, or ‘small’ change (as only big changes take time and worthy of revision status). All in all, many clients get more than the possible billed hours out of the creative, and that is a frustration. Already many clients are under estimated for their skills, but to assume that time they take is not valuable is really getting the goat.

Anyone know any solutions to this issue I would love to know.

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