Ring the changes to animal art

Animal Behaviour illustration - Ring

Since 2011 I hav e been doing animal illustrations with a quirky twist, under the title “Animal Behaviour“. They are usually a statement about a twist in the term used in the title, or a semantic play on the situation used to create the illustration.

Due to many work commissions it is hard to fit any creative work on these images for a few years. In fact the sketch for this illustration actually occurred some  four years back. The idea was that there is a twist in the word ‘ring’, especially when applied to the scenario I created.


Luckily for me, as I am the commissioner in these illustrations, the artwork can be designed and created the way I want. The many issue however, is tiring all the elements together in a clever and aesthetic way. this illustration originally was going be a set of Lemurs sitting around a phone looking shocked, while one did the mantra to make the phone ring. After some time I thought the best place would be to simplify this and the end result was to have a single Lemur sitting atop the old fashioned phone and doing the lotus position while waiting for the ring.


If you compare the before end after images, you will see that the project went much according to plan. I made it work as much as possible that the headset and the tail would balance each other from both sides of the main column. After all that was created, pencilled in and begun to be painted I felt something was a little missing. I continued to paint and near the completion of the piece the idea came into my mind. The ring of the phone, especially the old-fashioned ones would be a bell. So, I decided to implement a gold bell hovering in front of the Lemur, as if being levitated by the mantra the Lemur is performing.


  • Client: Rob Snow (Animal Behaviour Series)
  • Illustration Tool: Photoshop CC 2020
  • File size: 938Mbs/1.38Gbs (open)
  • Layers: 16 uncompressed
  • Dimensions: 10000 x 12896px/300dpi
  • Hours (Preparitory): 2.5 hrs
  • Digital rendering: 64 hrs

As part of my typical rendering process I have made a time-lapse rendering process video. You can see it by simply clicking the Subscribe button and join my YouTube channel. I would appreciate the follows, as in the near future I will be doing new tutorials as well as uploading many time-lapse pieces of my works.

In 2020 Rob Art will be starting a Patreon Page. Please feel free to visit and become a patron of my work.


If interested in having an art piece done you can visit my Fiverr Pro account here, or like any of my caricature or animal art, please visit my online store for details.

all work copyright © Rob Art | illustration 2021
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