Playing Arts Playing Card

Playing Arts Cards

Playing Arts Cards have opened their well-known and popular artist oriented playing cards up to a public contest, to find 55 news cards for the next special addition. For more information on their work and the contest look here!
I have been invited to join 537 artists from 67 different countries to create a Special Edition pack. The following is my final entry, for the 7 ♥ Hearts category.
I have managed to be selected to represent the 7 ♥ Hearts in the Special Edition Pack for the Playing Arts group!!
My thoughts on the design were to tie in a little of the heritage of playing cards, in the overall design, but at the same time to add a little steam-punk look to the design and give it a little gothic twist with the eyes. The notion being that ‘Love is blind’, and the Queen of Hearts is trying to unlock the correct heart to make her love become true.
All the work was digitally achieved, and my daughter helped pose for the two arms, as I am useless at drawing hands (a common fate with most artists). I simply sketched out the design on several pieces of paper and inside Photoshop built it up into a complete render-ready state. It was scanned and then digitally painted at 600dpi, and 15,000px on the longest side.

The Final Card

The original pencil art, as well as a screen from Photoshop.


Would like to thank the Playing Arts Team for the opportunity to participate in such a well-known and prestigious event. Looking forward to the end product, and as stated before, I have now been selected to be included in the final pack!! The full selection of cards can be seen here:

My dog Honey, helping to promote and share the competition, in a related manner!!
If you can speak Greek, you can also watch an interview I have on Greek TV (TV100) about my work and the project itself.

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  • Canvas Prints (5 sizes)
    Canvas Prints (5 sizes)
  • Mug (front and back)
    Mug (front and back)
  • Cushion (front and back)
    Cushion (front and back)
  • Eco Friendly Tee Shirts (2 colours)
    Eco Friendly Tee Shirts (2 colours)
  • Sweatshirts (7 colours)
    Sweatshirts (7 colours)

  • 8x10in Landscape
    8x10in Landscape
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    8x10in Portrait
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    12x16in Landscape
  • 12x16in  Portrait
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    12x18in Landscape
  • 12x18in  Portrait
    12x18in Portrait
  • 16x20 Landscape
    16x20 Landscape
  • 16x20in  Portrait
    16x20in Portrait
  • 18x24in Landscape
    18x24in Landscape
  • 18x24in  Portrait
    18x24in Portrait
  • 24x36in Landscape
    24x36in Landscape
  • 24x36in  Portrait
    24x36in Portrait