Couple Caricature Portrait

The Couple Caricature

In early December 2017, a daughter approached me to have her parents rendered out as a caricature couple. She mentioned my Celebrity Sunday series as a pleasant style, and stated she would like the rendering to be like those. After much communication and discussion on the subject, and sending of reference images, it was confirmed via the rough sketch that the render would proceed.

Like many caricature renders, it is important to get good, well lit photos of the people involved to aid in the sampling of colours. In this case it was very hard, even with 6 photos to choose from. Anyway, with a combination of 3 photos the render took place, and the final image was delivered.

The end result was loved and framed as a gift to the family.

If you are interested in seeing the rest of my portfolio, take a look here!

File size: 1.04Gbs/2.07Gbs (open)
Layers: 22 uncompressed
Dimensions: 10000x10000px
Hours (Pencil): 1hrs
Digital rendering: 21hrs


Below can be seen the variation and change between the rough sketch I made and the final render. The changes were very minor, but required.

Sketch Work
Final Render

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