House of Cards 2

have an ace up one's sleeve

Playing Cards in the USA is a continued big business; In November 2019 I was approached again by an American client, who sought to make an additional set of caricatures from player avatars set to be included in a website and app for the Eastern Poker Tour company in the USA. The idea was to add a set of sixteen avatars. Four were to be based on past winners of poker tournaments and twelve were to be fantasy figures that were created from common aspects of the poker theatre.




Create avatar caricatures of sixteen given players (whether real or fantasy) in the style of the Celebrity Sunday series format that has been created. The avatars need to all be in a set format to allow placement in the website and app formats, and also be presented in two versions of the player; one armless and one with cards in their hands.


  • Client: Glenn McCrory
  • Illustration Tool: Photoshop CC 2019
  • File size: 393.5Mbs/1.33Gbs (open)
  • Layers: 23 uncompressed (average)
  • Dimensions: 10000 x 10000px/300dpi
  • Hours (Preparitory): 0.5 hrs
  • Digital rendering: 6-8 hrs (average)

The process to get the artwork complete was a basic three step process. I tried to generate a roughish style that could be applied quickly, but have detail. This was also helped, as each piece was set at 10000px width, so when reduced it forced the detail into the smaller image. As in this example of Abraham Lincoln, the client sent a set of reference images. From the best version I created a sketch of the caricature. Once I was happy with the sketch this was scanned in, and placed in a document in Photoshop at the correct dpi and px ratio. The ‘armless’ version was painted first, and once that was completed and looking good then I added an extended element to all of them with a arm section, holding cards, and with a pile of chips in front of them. The idea was that it could be utilise inside the site/app in whatever way they required.

As with most illustrations that require some amount of referencing, these avatars placed some challenges on the process. Mainly, you don’t get resource photos in good quality, or at the right angle for the delivery of the caricature in the required pose. Or, the reference images are not all at the correct lighting, and resolution that would define a good quality reference image. Nonetheless, the images were all comprised of either a given photograph of the known players, or comprised of several images found as referencing material.

As stated before, due to the budget of the project, the style of the avatars was restricted from the more detailed versions that are typically applied. The close-ups here show that the brush strokes are more free and quicker. This was also due to the fact that there was a time related deadline to the project that meant the style was made more simplistic.


If interested in any of my caricature or animal art, please visit my online store for details. If you are interested in commissioning me to do similar work, you can check out my Fiverr Pro account or contact me via this form.

all work copyright © Rob Art | illustration 2021
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