Patreon is coming!

I’m making a leap into Patreon!

From The start of next year I will have a fully functioning Patreon page. What does this mean to you reading this? Well a series of things will be happening and changing. There will be more news closer toward the date but to get the ball rolling, I have laid to some of the basics here.

The idea is that for a month subscription from between $1 to $100 you will help fund my artist endeavours. Like in days of old, when an established artist would receive funding from an admirer with financial interest. In return rewards and loyalty rewards are given in tiered amounts. So, from early access to crediting on videos and websites, through to free prints, ebooks, and commissions, the gain can be a grateful thanks through to a fan-based collectable. Patreon helps do all this for you, and all the fan-base needs to do is participate in the desired funding tier.

As I prepare and get closer to the start date, I will give more information, but for now, know that I will be getting images, plans and even videos together for the launch. I hope to see you there on the Patreon website and look forward to your support.

If interested in having an art piece done you can visit my Fiverr Pro account here, or like any of my caricature or animal art, please visit my online store for details.