So, the first of January saw the launch of my Patreon Page; Patreon | Rob Art. The aim is to encourage, friends, family, fans and followers to commit to subscribing to my Patreon activities. This can be in the form of a normal follow, or based on several tier levels. A normal follow is restricted to only public posts on the page, where as the different levels of subscription unlock various rewards for the patronage.

As an example, this image below is a public image:

It shows me finishing off an illustration for the Patreon subscribers. Now below, there is a Patreon specific image of the completed artwork. You will either see the image or a notification saying you have to be a Patron to view the image.

The fees required to become a Patron vary, but can be as little as $1 a month (which is like the cost of 3 coffees a year). What it allows is the development of user content by the artist, so they can develop their work and projects. In the case of my subscription offers, there is also the opportunity to have loyalty rewards, which come in the form of physical items.

All this will help develop work, and is much appreciated.

This is me finishing off the first illustration for the January commitments on Patreon. Over time you will start seeing more content appearing on the site as well as here, with the use of lockable content on this site to guarantee the honouring of pledges.

All I ask is that you scoot over and take a look, and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in.