New Website Up and Running!

After some 6 months absence from the internet website scene, I have finally decided to change the aspect of my work to focus nearly wholly on illustration. For this reason I have stripped and revamped my website to look more simple, clean and stylish to suit my work. There is a nicer shop with all my products in there, as well as project reviews and a blog (you know that as you re reading it now)! Find them in the website menu.

One of my main concerns was that I was getting a great deal of attacks on my site before. This was mainly to scrap the artwork to use online. I have made it that there is no original artwork on the site that isn’t protected by the frame mock-ups or a watermark. This will hopefully deter the thieves a little. All said and done, I have tried hard to make the site something that will aid in my development of my new tour de force activity of illustration. I hope you will help support this endeavour.

The idea is to try and utilise all the behind the scenes applications to make my process of running the site more enjoyable and easy to do. So, we will probably be seeing a lot more in the way of posts, and content going up. I have set up links for all the content so that I can see what is popular and what is not.

Hoping that the future will develop other areas such as competition pages, tutorials and other great aspects to help the site be content rich. Hope you like so far!!
Don’t forget to visit the shop! As a bonus first week surprise I have set up a Coupon discount for the week. If you buy any prints from the store you can add the following code: RobOPEN at the checkout and it will give you a massive 33% discount on the price. Hope to see you take advantage of that.

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