Making a pig’s ear!!

Working away really hard these days, trying to complete a new twenty images. These will be the pieces to present in my new exhibition. One of the images that will be part of this, will be “Might” (pictured above), and represents the idea of the notion that “pigs might fly”. The images shows a young pot bellied pig, with suitcase and tickets in hand, with a strong desire to get airborne.

There are going to be twenty new animals in the next series of images, which include a tiger, snake, beaver, horse, cat, fox, and octopus, to name a few. They all contain strange twists based on English terms, expressions of sayings that have an ability to be related to animals. The next exhibition is due to take place in September 2014.

Further development of the pieces can be seen on BeHance, in the WIP area, here!

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