Creative Pet Project 

Over the past two years a collaboration of 111 artists and illustrators from around the world has come together, to form the Creative Pet Project ( Their intent is to create a unique and beautiful book. But a book with a difference. The aim of the book would be to raise fund to donate to animal charities. And for this reason the criteria of inclusion in the book was that they had companion animal and at the same time included animals in their artwork. The book is now ready, and ready to print. This saturday sees the launch of the funding campaign at Indiegogo (, where the project feels confident in getting the money to make the book, as well as continue this project to further volumes.
The charities concerned in the book are planned at three per volume. The first volume has included PETA, IFAW and Born Free USA as the recipients of the money collected from sales. These charities are doing invaluable work for animals, the environment and education and deserve the support from us all. The talent in the book is endless. Many a well-known name in the areas of pop surrealism, lowbrow art, illustration and children’s book illustration have come together, because their goal and motive is the same; to help animals. To name a few, the project has world famous illustrator and painter Anita Kunz, world famous illustrator Yuko Shimizu, Ricardo Martinez Ortego, Heiidi Tailleferr, Tara McPherson, Martin Wittfooth, award winning illustrator, Jackie Morris, Chet Zar, Dilka Bear, John Brophy, Ana Bagayan, Chris Brett, Sas Christian, Brian Kesinger (of Teagirl fame) and Brandt Peters/Kathie Olivas participating.

For more information, and to pledge some money to make this project work, or to pre-order a copy of the soft back or hardback versions please visit the campaign site at ( We have many perks/rewards to help you decide in funding the project, as well as our gratitude. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you could help make a difference.