Creative Pet Project


I just wanted to introduce myself, and spread some words to explain the project and what we would like to achieve. My name is Rob Snow. I work as an illustrator in Greece. The project was started nearly two years ago now. A simple thought after looking upon my beautiful companion animal, Honey, one day, and thinking how could I as an artist help animals.

I see so much domestic and international destruction concerning animals and their environments. The thoughtless killing of animals around the world. So I thought, instead of just giving to the charities to do their fantastic work, I would see if I could get a collective of artists together who all have a similar thought. So the Creative Pet Project was born. To make this project more unique and special, there was a criteria for inclusion. Not only did the contributor need to be a working artist, but have animals in the image as well as having a companion animal. This was to cement the tie of helping through our mutual respect for our own companion animals.

The interest grew!! After some time I had 111 artists giving their work, and loving the idea. Once all this was in place and the book had been layer out, there was more inquiries coming in. One talented photographer from China was so moved by the idea, he sent his entire portfolio in large format, saying if there was anything he could do via his photos then use them. I’ve even had offers from artists without pets to donate works. So the passion is here. I managed to gather some of the more famous contemporary artists form around the world to be part of this book idea. They have all given their stories, their connections with their pets, and a great and beautiful piece of artwork.

At this point we are stuck. Self-publishing and distribution through Amazon and other outlets is our path. However, after all the gathering and compiling the process of making the book real, needs some money. This is where this project is at the moment. We would like this project to continue. Do other volumes of artists and photographers. As there is a wealth of interest. We can’t continue on this worthwhile charity venture, unless the first book is printed.

We are choosing the charities involved on many issues. It has been hard to consider which is the best, but on researching them, the list was based on some simple criteria. Being international was one, as we have over 19 countries represented by the artists. Another was they had an educational plan in their strategy, but another is that they helped domestic animals as much as wildlife. Yes the charities involved do programs to help street dogs as much as stopping the killing of elephants for their tusks. The eco-system and planet as a whole is a delicate mesh of coexistence, and these charities do so much to maintain that, that help from funds created by this book would be a worthwhile contribution.

You may already give to animal causes. So in a sense what we try to do here is make the process a more give and take process. You give money to charity, and we in return give you a beautiful book or art and animals. It really seems like a good deal to me. I can guarantee that from my calculations that after costs for the printing, etc, all the charities look to make in the region of $24,000 each if all the books are sold. That is a great deal of money to help them, for a small contribution. 90% of the profits from the books go to the charities concerned. The artists desire nothing from this as a reward, apart from the satisfaction that the book helps charities and you get some pleasure from the owning of the book.

We have some way to go before the end of the project funding program, but if it doesn’t succeed, then this wonderful and novel idea will be no more. So, I urge you, contribute something. Even if it’s a small amount. Like and share the posts so more people see them, and see if your friends would be interested. I would like that you joined the page and liked it, because you liked the idea of the book. Well, the book is now upon us, so we need you to help. Please consider this. It’s a dream project for me, and I promised my dog Honey it would be made for her. So, I wouldn’t like to think I have to let Honey down. Thanks for reading, thanks for your support.

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