Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro

An exercise in commission control

About two month back I received an email from one of the staff at Fiverr. They discussed their plans to expand on their Fiverr Pro project. At the time I didn’t find that much of an interest in their request and disregarded it. However, they persisted, and I actually took the time to have a look at the service and see what they had to offer.

Based on what I saw, there was possibility to actually make more money via their service for exactly the same commissions I was doing privately.

The company was very interested in my work, and wanted to look at expanding their caricature section. I only agreed to join them if I could be considered for both the Pro Caricatures and the Pro Illustration categories. They agreed, and I started the month long setting up process.

You basically get assigned an project agent that helps in the setting up and any issues that you may have with the site and customer interaction. Even though I was hyper busy at the time I did manage to get my profile all set up before my trip to Cyprus. At this point I set my status to vacation mode and went off thinking (and being honest) that maybe nobody would find interest in a Pro version if the site also did the $5 method, but I was nicely surprise. I had not been back from Cyprus more than a day and I had my first project started.

The principle is quite simple. You set up, what are called Gigs, and set your limits for the prices you set and then add extras, if they want to have some other elements to the project. Then you sit and wait. So far, I have completed my first project with a great 5 Star review. It was also a fun first project to do, but I was conscious of trying to please the client as much as possible.

We will see what the future holds for this method of delivery of work, but as I said, if things go the way I have had in the first week, it will be good. I have had one job and two serious new offers. Fingers crossed, it could also be the start of getting some more worthwhile commissions to add to my portfolio.

If you have any interest in using my services for doing a caricature, visit my Gig page here!