Through many of my travels around the internet I see many a story and image of artist’s personal evolution process. By that I mean their evolution of style changes from their earlier years through to their current style.


It has only been a short period of time (three years to be exact), but the difference in art quality and style is pretty evident. The evolution process that has enabled this difference in style is based on several things.

The most important aspect of this improved style is the simple process of learning constantly as I go. This can mean the evolution in technique that occurs every time I put cursor to canvas, the approach to using the tools that I have decided to use in the process or how to manipulate those tools to help in aspects of the work. I aim constantly concerned with the process of time when I work, and a way to improve on this is the way the work can be speeded up.

One method to speed up the artwork is to cut out certain aspects, like the pencil rendering, and simply dive straight into the digital art. Another aspect is the physical tools used. Recently I have purchased a Cintiq and this has by far helped reduce the typical rendering time by (at the moment) an eighth of the normal time.

The initial boxer design was an idea I had from the notion of twisting the title from that of the sport to the breed of the box. Some strains of Boxer also wear what seems to be like two black eyes, so I thought the whole process seemed to fit will. This would be a typical approach to my lateral thinking approach to designing an idea.

This time I used a simple process of pencil sketching out the rough shape of the dog and then, using the ink pens, made the border stronger. After scanning the drawing in, the process moved to the Photoshop application, and rendering took on a simple toning of the animal.

To my great surprise, for such a simple piece of art, it sold very quickly and well. This always surprises me for artworks that take less time than others and become popular. Regardless of this fact, and knowing that my skills had improved, in 2017 I decided to put the process of evolution into affect on “The Boxer“. Taking the same pose and altering the position of the glove slightly (something that was annoying me for years), I re-rendered the animal out in my new digital style.

Like the previous image, this too fast became a popular image for sale, and now is recorded as my fastest selling image in my Animal Behaviour series. This can be attributed to two things I think; the look of the character being portrayed in the image, and the whimsical aspect to his face, and the second being the love many people have for the dog as a form of art they would like to purchase.


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