Crossing the Threshold!

Practice makes perfect!

Making the most of a cancellation.

Recently went through one of those ‘client’ moments, when the client gave little or incorrect information and it started me on the path of doing a commission that ended with them saying I was in the wrong, and I should simply start again (halfway through). Needless to say, the commission was cancelled, but I felt quite inspired by the piece.

The final project will be posted on completion, but I wanted to make this little post to say that I have probably started my most elaborate piece. Hence the reason to complete this piece. Even though it’s a recreation of a famous paint; “George Washington Crossing the Delaware“, it was all hand painted to follow the original. At the moment I am at the hallway point, and hope to finish the full image in two weeks. So, stay tuned for part two of this epic illustration and the project description on the main page.

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