Celebrity Sunday Vintage – Sunday 19th February

Celebrity Sunday Vintage guessing game (Sunday 19th February) – Each hour, from 9am GMT, on the day of the caricature, a new image (which represents the process of the caricature build up), will be added here. Hopefully the guessing process will take less than 4 rounds, but there will be four rounds to guess the celebrity being done this day. The rounds come in degrees of complexity that will help reveal the character’s identity. In the vintage section, the caricature will be of a known celebrity (from various areas), that has either passed or is in a youthful version of their known self. Points may vary from week to week, but generally it will be 50 points for Round One; 40 points for Round Two; 30 points for Round Three and 20 points for Round Four. The totals for the guessed amounts will be added up and on 22nd May a prize will be given to the highest amount on the winners table. Happy hunting for  Sunday 19th February!

Guessed…Round One!! Bette Davis!

Round One

50 points

Round Two

40 points

Round Three

30 points

Round Four

20 points