Caricature Quiz: 2020 Vision!

Celebrity Sunday has been going for near five years now. 2020 will see the fifth anniversary of the weekly challenge. With nearly 170 caricature, to date, been generated over the Sunday renderings, it was time to do something to share the success.

It was a simple twist of fate (to coin Mr. Dylan) when I realised that the year, next year, actually related to a term to describe perfect vision. So the idea popped into my head, to have a year long quiz for Celebrity Sunday, each Sunday, to do a give away, based on using clear vision to guess the star as it is being rendered out.

The plan is to do a monthly guessing game of four caricatures. the person who guesses the most celebrities in that month will receive a FREE tee shirt from one of the four rendered out caricatures as a prize. This will also accumulate over the year and at the end of each quarter, the winner will get a free print. the winner overall at the end of the year will receive one of the full celebrity boards or one of the seasons, and a chance to suggest a celebrity of their choice to be rendered out.

The details and preparation are still being prepared and worked out, but to help the proceedings along, the participates will need to register on the site and follow the rules of the competition to qualify. It will follow a similar format as the already growing Celebrity Sunday quiz, each Sunday, where there are four rounds and more and more pieces of the celebrity are revealed as it is rendered out. To this anyone can guess who they think it is. Points will be awarded to the person who can guess and incremented based on which round the person is guessed.

If you feel you stand a chance of winning or just like the idea of participating in this creative fun, stay tuned and look out for the notifications. The competition will tie into a promotion based around the birthday celebrations for the celebrities that have already been rendered out as to gain traction and following.

Looking forward to seeing you all participate!!

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