Tutorials and Youtube

This is a quick short post to explain about my tutorials. I have been doing them for some time now, and placing them on YouTube. Now YouTube used to have a Monetarising system, so I tried to make a little income from doing these tutorials. Now they have stopped it for people with Subscribers under 1,000. So, to counter this, I have tried to incorporate a system on my site to add in the increase of these Subscribers.

What I plan to do is to start adding the more popular videos on my site and slowly add news ones. I will be doing some new tutorials at the end of March, covering the use of my new techniques, such as creating Smart Objects, Brush creation, etc. You can see my previous YouTube channel here. If you have an interest in learning something it is worth subscribing to, and also, add a comment to the post if there is anything in the realms of digital painting that you would like to have a tutorial for.