Mother Caricature Portrait

Mother - Caricature Portrait

Honouring the parent on her birthday

With Fiverr Pro going well, I managed to gain a new commission via a conversation on social media. The Gig (as they are called) was to make a gift of a rendered portrait of the client’s mother. As with many of these types of commissions, many factors have to be in place and be of good quality to work well. The delivery of a good reference photo was a key aspect, as getting a likeness and good sampling is based on these factors. I jumped at the chance to make a special gift.


The outline of the brief was quite simple, and originally was set out to make a portrait of a mother, to be presented as a gift for her birthday. The initial photograph reference was changed, and then secondly the client, who liked my Celebrity Sunday Caricature series decided to change the specification to be a caricature portrait.


The basis behind the illustration was to create a portrait of a loved family member for a given photograph. Instead of just doing a simple rendering of the photograph, the client requested it be done as a caricature.

The issues involved in the process were that the quality of the photo was compromised with no professional application, regarding lighting and size definition. There was a lack in detail from the image. Nevertheless, the process continued, with a sketch set-up render being created first to OK the look. From that a slow rendering process was taken. Slower than normal as detailing and to be created rather than sampled in typical cases.


Client: Gary Lefkowitz
Illustration Tool: Photoshop CC 2018
File size: 494.6Mbs/948.0Mbs (open)
Layers: 12 uncompressed
Dimensions: 7200 x 9600px/300dpi
Hours (Preparitory): 2 hrs
Digital rendering: 24 hrs

Rough Sketch
Final portrait

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1 creative person, slightly matured
2 tablespoons aptitude
1 piece of aesthetic flavouring
6lbs hard work and sweat
4 ideas more than most
salt of the earth to taste

Take a creative person and stir in some aptitude, thoroughly from the start. In time, mix in the aesthetic flavouring with the most appropriate tool at hand, and then, fold into the mix as much of the hard work and sweat that the mix can take. Sprinkle in the ideas; the more the better. And finally, as all is cooking, a pinch of ‘salt of the earth’ to give it the necessary character. Leave to cook over time and serve when required. Tasty treat in a tasteless world.

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