GSS Christmas Card Illustration

GSS Xmas Card

In late November a regular US client, GSS, asked me to do their annual Christmas Card again. For a second time I convinced them to do a full rendered illustration. And this time of my choice, which was to be of a typical Santa Claus.

The only variation to the normal view on the Santa was that he had to be wearing some of their safety gear. After some initial sketching, I worked out a plan to have him placing the North Pole in a workers pose, wearing their shirt. All worked out well, and the only change was the rest of the Santa gear was re-rendered to be more luminous.

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File size: 600.8Mbs/1.95Gbs (open)
Layers: 45 uncompressed
Dimensions: 10000x10000px
Hours (Pencil): 1hrs
Digital rendering: 36hrs

Final Render

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