Pimping my way to the top!!

Recently I went away for 4 days to a mountain. Just before I left I completed my final image for the exhibition; “Pimp My Ride”. As usual I placed it on my portfolio sites, but wasn’t really ready for the response. I have been blown away with the incredible feedback. Over 700+ appreciations on  Behance and Dribbble alone! The image was very fun to do, but in respect to the other images, was equal in my mind, and trying to find a reason for this incredible serge of interest is still a mystery.

The image took four days to do, and in my usual style, I rendered it in pencil first and then scanned and treated it in Photoshop. I used several reference images to get colouring correct, and I think the outcome really worked well. It will feature in my third ‘Animal Behaviour’ book series. If you are interested in the other two, you can find them here!