Pimping my way to the top!!

Recently I went away for 4 days to a mountain. Just before I left I completed my final image for the exhibition; “Pimp My Ride”. As usual I placed it on my portfolio sites, but wasn’t really ready for the response. I have been blown away with the incredible feedback. Over 700+ appreciations on  Behance and Dribbble alone! The image was very fun to do, but in respect to the other images, was equal in my mind, and trying to find a reason for this incredible serge of interest is still a mystery.

The image took four days to do, and in my usual style, I rendered it in pencil first and then scanned and treated it in Photoshop. I used several reference images to get colouring correct, and I think the outcome really worked well. It will feature in my third ‘Animal Behaviour’ book series. If you are interested in the other two, you can find them here!


1 creative person, slightly matured
2 tablespoons aptitude
1 piece of aesthetic flavouring
6lbs hard work and sweat
4 ideas more than most
salt of the earth to taste

Take a creative person and stir in some aptitude, thoroughly from the start. In time, mix in the aesthetic flavouring with the most appropriate tool at hand, and then, fold into the mix as much of the hard work and sweat that the mix can take. Sprinkle in the ideas; the more the better. And finally, as all is cooking, a pinch of ‘salt of the earth’ to give it the necessary character. Leave to cook over time and serve when required. Tasty treat in a tasteless world.