I should Koko, so should you!

So, after an intense 5 days painting my digital heart out, I have finally come to the completion point with my latest piece; “I should, Koko“.

I should Koko

The piece was designed as a respectful portrait of the world famous signing Gorilla, Koko. As always I try to add a little piece of lateral thinking into the process, and this time was no exception. The fact was I had the idea of this piece during the late days of last summer. I chalked it up on my ‘todo’ list and even though wasn’t soon the actual roster to be completed, I decided to dive in this week and to do an attempt.

The lateral thinking concept behind the piece and the reason for the title is that there is an expression in the UK, that goes “I should cocoa.” This is Cockney rhyming slang for “I should say so!” The lateral thinking part inspired me to replace the cocoa with Koko, and to try to build an image around some as pet of her amazing life. The image started off a portrait oriented piece but later on during the research it became apparent that Koko had in fact had many kittens in her life. So I decided to rotate to a landscape and add a second kitten. Making sure the colours matched two kittens she had had. To have the twist I placed the mug of cocoa at her feet with a aim to have her looking at it, or to bypass and look at the in coming kitten. It was a last minute decision to change the syntax of the title to sound as a statement, with the comma between the ‘I should’ and ‘Koko‘. The point of that coming from the research into her life and her words about conservation and caring for animals. So, it was life a point to say, well if you can Koko, then I should! Making a stronger point.

During the final few days of painting I actually contacted the foundation that is responsible for her keep, and research, and asked if they would like to have the print, and to use it to make money for their conservation work. As yet I have not heard back from them, but I will keep you posted if this opportunity becomes a reality. All in all, a very enjoyable piece to work on, and if you look below you will see the details put into the artwork. It will nevertheless be on sale in my store and worldwide very soon. I hope you enjoy.