Going Bananas!

Had a interesting request today for “Banana Split”!


An email from a online store that I sell my artwork on stated they had had a request from a French Film Production company who would like to use one of my prints in a set decoration, in an upcoming production. I have now completed the signing of the mandatory French Authority contract, allowing artist permission to use their art in a film set, and await the outcome.

They state that if my artwork appears in any of the scenes that I will be granted a credit at the end of the film. The film will be released later in the year, so fingers crossed and watch out for news. If you are interested this is the film: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/43442/ami-ami

If you are interested in buying the artwork, it’s called “Banana Split”

prints available from:
http://bit.ly/RobArt_juniqe – JUNIQE
http://bit.ly/RPS_icanvas – iCanvas
http://bit.ly/RPS_S6 – Society6
http://bit.ly/RPS_displate – Displate
http://bit.ly/RPS_FAA – Fine Art America
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http://bit.ly/RPS_artflakes – Artflakes
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http://bit.ly/RPS_artistocracy – Artistocracy
http://bit.ly/RPS_design – DesignByHumans

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