Being an exhibitionist!

This weeks sees the first solo show of my work, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Taking place at the Ro Artspace, the 28 images have been installed into this venue with design to draw attention to the subject of the theme; “Animal Behaviour” A set of images that spans two and a half years work, and is a passion to artist Rob Snow, who strives to draw awareness to animals of this planet, albeit in a humorous manner.

The opening night was a good evening with much interest and liking of the work. Although the evening was dampened by some slight rain, there was a good turn out, and several of the images were sold to the company present.

The following video shows the process as artist Rob Snow installs the works in the week before the exhibition start date. The following video shows scenes from the opening night.

The exhibition continues for the whole of this week, and Rob Snow looks forward to other visitor’s company at the artspace. Plans are already in place for another future event, with both a similar theme as well as new concepts.

We are animals! No amount of civility, deity worship or evolutionary events are going to take away from the simple fact that Darwin was correct, and that 300,000 years ago we were in the trees with the rest of our monkey relatives.
What has happened however, is the fact that we are now beginning to ignore the importance of our fellow Earthlings. From the simplest little ant, underfoot, to the mightiest blue whale in the oceans deep. We are all part of a system; an ecosystem. We all play a part, and that part in turn affects and reacts to all other parts. We are destroying that link through selfish, arrogant and pointless attempts to make what we have created, a more justified way of life. We are too blind to see that we have failed.
Animal Behaviour started some three years ago, after a simple series of events, which included become companion to Honey, the family pet, taking a bike ride, and studying lateral thinking some years ago. An odd set of events for sure, however, these connections were as important to this series of illustrations as most connections in the ecosystem are to this planet as a whole.
What the project tries to do is highlight a strange aspect of the complexity of our language, in association to an animal that maybe related or has a connection to that semantic starting point. It tries to do it with some humour, and a great deal of colour and expression, and what it aims to achieve, is hopefully a way to make people think about the other Earthlings and that they belong here as much as we do.